International TESS Singapore Pte Ltd

TESS was established in 1968 and the company has more than 900 employees. TESS is a leading operator in the welding industry and other products such as cleaning machinery, personal safety equipment, tools etc. TESS has developed a wide range of services locally, and a technical department centrally, built around their core products. TESS central manufacturing department at the HQ in Drammen produces special hoses and a number of other products related to hydraulics and subsea.

TESS' main market is the on- and offshore industry. Their products are distributed through more than 100 service centers throughout the country; all with locally adjusted products, services and inventory. TESS is responsible for maintaining special expertise regarding steel hoses, hydraulics, subsea and integrated supply services. Their team of personnel have extensive experience and knowledge of the design, selection, supply, installation, operation and servicing of flexible hoses for all applications. Their team will assist in determining the working conditions and expected life cycle of the hose, and ultimately select the ideal hose for your application.

TESS International follows its oil and gas customers globally through providing quality, expertise and career. They have gained their customers' trust by delivering superior results and improved performance. TESS International, with more than 40 years of experience, provides solutions, systems and services for World Class clients. Their devoted personnel takes pride in developing innovative technology and deliver customized solutions.